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Made In America: Cigars are made from US grown hemp. Each cigar contains 0mg THC. We choose these hemp plants for their relaxing qualities and ability to enhance your focus. Our cigars contain no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemicals. They're perfect for smoking during work hours or before bedtime. These are not just any old cigars, they're the best! Buy them today and enjoy the benefits of our premium quality tobacco.

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What are CBD cigarettes?

CBD Cigarettes are made from the cannabis plant. The herbaceous flowering vegetable grown for fiber, oilseed crops, paper production, animal feed, and medicinal purposes. Cannabis sativa L., commonly referred to as marijuana, hemp, pot, or weed, is one species within the genus Cannabis. Its cultivars are often categorized based on their concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the principal psychoactive constituent; whether they produce only small amounts of THC, large amounts, or very little THC.[1] Industrial hemp contains about 3 percent THC,[2][3] whereas cannabis plants intended for recreational use typically have concentrations ranging from 10 to 30 percent.[4]

CBD Cigarettes:

  • Contain only hemp products, and no tobacco at all.
  • Non-intoxicating, containing less than.3 percent THC and no nicotine
  • A high level of cannabidiol (CBD), other cannabinoid compounds like cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinolic acid (CBC), and beneficial terpenoids and flavonoids.
  • They're faster acting than other ways of taking cannabidiol (CBD), including CBD edi­bles or oils.
  • They're federally legal in the U.S., thanks to the 2018 Farm bill, and they're available both in stores near you and online.

Traditional cigarettes contain nicotine but no tobacco. These electronic cigarettes contain both nicotine and tobacco.

Our Hemp cigarettes contain no tobacco and no nicotine. Instead, they contain 100 percent American-made industrial hemp which has been cultivated without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

What makes our Smokes unique?

CBD Cigarette is the leading private sector manufacturer of CBD products in the United States. We maintain strict standards through the entire production process and are certified by our industry’s most respected certifier, the USHPA (United States Hemp Authority).

Unlike other hemp cigarette brands, CBD Cigarette has developed its own special blend of cannabinoids specifically designed to give smokers a similar smoking sensation to traditional tobaccos without any of the harmful side effects associated with conventional cannabis products.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of smoking CBD?

Smoking CBD or hemp flowers offers quicker relief than ingesting CBD products. When smoked, CBD enters the bloodstream quickly and begins working almost immediately. In contrast, when taken orally, CBD takes longer to reach the brain and body tissues where it works most effectively.

But why smoke a cannabis cigarette instead of a spliff? While both options offer a similar duration for onset, some individuals favor the familiarity of cigarettes and also the benefit of not needing to roll your personal joints. Cannabis cigarettes are likewise much less noticeable in public places than a rolled spliff. CBD Cigarette consumes cannabis cigarettes supply the traditional filtered end, even burn, and an array of flavors. Cannabis cigarettes are additionally less obvious in public locations than a rolled spliff

Natural CBD products can help people quit smoking tobacco cigarettes by mimicking the appearance, feel, and soothing effects of traditional cigarette packs. CBD Cigarette Smoke products include a variety of different flavors, including mint, menthol, vanilla, and others.

What's the difference among the different flavors of CBD cigarettes?

We're proud to offer our customers an innovative line of hemp products that fits their lifestyles. Our original CBD cigarettes are just that - the pure taste of our premium hemp blends. Our cherry, grape, and menthol flavored hemp cigarettes feature a crushed flavor pack in the filters. Smoke begins as a pleasant hemp scent, then transforms into intense fruit scents that compliment the rich hemp aroma.

Will smoking CBD cigarettes make me feel high?

No! CBD Cigarette Smoke Cigarettes are produced with organic cannabis flowers that contain less than 0.3 % THC, according to the federal law. These plants do not produce any intoxicating effect. Therefore, American CBD Cigarette Cbd will not cause intoxication.

Can CBD Cigarette smokes cause me to fail a urine test?

Yes. Like other cannabis cigarettes, CBD CigaretteSmoke contains trace levels of THC (may fail a urine screen for THC if they smoke frequently enough and/or their bodies metabolize THC differently than others. Also, Shaman Smoke contains significant levels of several beneficial cannabinoid compounds that may cause your urine tests to register a false positive.

What makes them different from other brands?

Like all other American CBD Cigarette products (except our hemp oil), CBD CigaretteSmokes are tested by an independent laboratory every step of the way – from the growing conditions of the plants used to produce our cannabis extract to the final product. We publish these test reports right here on our web site so that you can be sure you’re getting the best quality products available.

Where is the hemp used to grow CBD Cigarette produced?

Hemp blends used in CBD Cigarette Cigarette brands are 100 percent US-Growed. We carefully selected the best US hemp strains to provide the Ultimate Smoking Experience. The United States has strict hemp cultivation standards and requires third-parties to test each crop to ensure they are in compliance.

How much CBD is there in hemp cigarettes?

The amount of CBD present in each hemp cigarette blend depends upon the type of flowers used. Each variety of cannabis plant contains differing amounts of the primary compounds (CBD, THC, CBN, CBC, etc.) along with various secondary compounds (terpenoids, flavonoids, etc.). By blending together varieties of plants, new products may be produced that exhibit desired combinations of medicinal properties. These include hemp cigarette brands containing only CBD, or CBD and THC, or CBD, THC, and CBC.

How many CBD cigarettes come in a pack of CBD Cigarette?

Like regular cigarettes, CBD Cigarette are available in packages of 20, and cartons of ten. We also sell samples containing four cigarettes per pack, one in each flavor.

Are hemp cigarette brands from CBD Cigarette tobacco free?

Our products don't contain any tobacco so they're not addictive. We've chosen hemp because it has both CBD-dominant (relaxing) and CBG-dominat (stimulating) properties.

What are these spots? Are they harmful for my product?

Yes! Your CBD smokes are still safe. The cannabis plants are sturdy, oily plants, especially the flowering parts that are packed with cannabinoids. In fact, this product is made from the flowers of the cannabis plants, which are then crushed and pressed to extract the oils. These oils are then put through a process called decarboxylation, where they are heated until they turn into THC. After this, the smokeable product is ready to go. Unlike traditional cigarette tobacco, which is dry and brown, the cannabis flower is still green and fresh. With each puff, you get the benefits of the active ingredients found in the cannabis plants.

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