SAP Business One EDI Integration

All there is to know about SAP Business One EDI Integration

Do you want an easy way to create and distribute EDI documents and send them back into SAP Business One so that you can improve trade partner relationships and streamline supply chain functions? If so, then we may be able to help!

Codeless Platforms’ drag and drop SAP B1 EDI integraion solution reduces the costs of EDI integrations projects and allows you to digitize and integrate any data from your existing systems.

BPA Platform automatically creates important backup files so you don't have to worry about them. It monitors key EDI data for your company, allowing you and your employees to focus on value added activities.

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SAP Business One EDIscenario and benefits

There are common SAP EDI integration scenarios our clients use BPA Platform for. These include:

  • Receive and send electronic orders, bills, invoices, and shipment notifications automatically.
  • Push data automatically from SAP Business One into another system, using rules-based workflow authorisation if needed
  • Send business alert emails or text messages to company decision makers when certain events occur.
  • Create backups automatically

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Common business benefits achieved when using EDI with SAP BusinessOne include:

  • Real-­‐​­‐​­‐­‐​­‐
  • Cut down on expenses
  • Improve your ability to make decisions by increasing the visibility of important information
  • Eliminate manual processes for entering customer information into CRM systems
  • Reduce EDI project time and maintenance cost
  • Improve data exchange speeds by using cloud storage solutions and improve data transfer speed and
  • Increase operational efficiency

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