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Cooking Classes Near Me

If you want to impress your friends at your next party, sign up for a cooking class. It’s a fun way to learn something new and get together with people.


Discovering Charleston: A half day food, wine, and history tour with Company!

Local Cooking Classes Nearby

Couple’s Cooking Lessons: For those who want to spice things up during their dates, couple’s cooking lessons are a popular choice. There are lots of different types of cooking lessons available, from basic recipes to gourmet meals. And if you’re looking for something a bit more kid friendly, check out some of these kids, teen, and mommy and me cooking lessons.

Whether you're a newbie stepping into the culinary scene for the first time or simply looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, sign up for one of these top-ranked cookery courses today.

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  • Best cooking classes near me in san jose, ca

If you're looking for cooking classes near me in San Jose, California, we've got you covered.

  • Sponsored Results
  • City Of Cocktails is an amazing place to host a fun team building activity. They offer cooking classes, bartending schools, and party planning services.

City Of Cocktail

Team building activities include cooking classes, bartending schools, and

Opens in 27 min

“I came to this event with my colleagues for a team building day and it was really fun! We had twelve people, great group sizes for these types of events. It took four hours but included making six different games.”

  • We went to Savory Kitchen because we wanted to celebrate our new clients' success! They did an amazing job from the beginning to the end.

Cultivate Culinary Gatherings

Cooking Schools

“We were at Savory Kitchen for a meeting for a team that had just arrived in London from Australia. They did an amazing presentation for us! It was so good we want to go back there again soon!” less

  • Taste Buds Kitchen offers summer camps, cooking classes, team building activities, and vegetarian/gluten-free options.

Taste Buds Kitchen

If you're looking for fun activities at summer camps, cooking

Openuntil 11:00 AM

“I got a million star reviews from my Taste Buds Cooking Class! It was so much fun! Our staff was really friendly, entertaining, and made sure we had a good time. They even gave us free drinks during the class!”

  • Taste Buds Kitchen is locally owned and operated by a family who loves cooking. They offer classes at their restaurant and online. Their classes focus on healthy eating and nutrition.

Openuntil 9:00 PM

“I came to this salon with my three and half years old son on Sunday for an awesome blueberry braiding session and had the best experience ever. My son got to learn a lot, had a blast, and the blueberry braids were absolutely delicious.”

  • All Results
  • “1. Taste Buds Kitchen 25 Cooking Schools Open until 9:00 PM Locally Owne...d & Operated Family Owne...d & Opened”

1.Taste Buds Kitchen

“I had an awesome time at the Thai cooking class we went to last Saturday. Despite the fact that my friend and I were both new to Thai cuisine

  • 3. Grow Your Network of Friends111Networking GroupsOpen in 25 minSmall groups (5–8)3 years in business“networking events for professionals” moreParagraph 1: 4

2.Cultivate Culinary Gatherings

“I could go for some cooking lessons and maybe even an evening out

  • “We did the Indian cookery class with Chef Parsati at our family gathering with our 13 year old son.”


A personal chef is someone who cooks for you personally. Cooking

Open all day

We did the Indian cooking class at a restaurant with Chef Parsati as part of a family vacation with our 13 year old boy.

  • “A cooking class for my workplace, and the woman who answered the phone was surprisingly unfriendly.” Request a quote!

4.Taste Buds Kitchen

Summer camps, team building activities, cooking classes...

“I want to teach my coworkers a cooking class, but when I called to set up an appointment, the person answering the phones was shockingly unprofessional.”

  • 6. Explore Culinary Arts48 Cooking Classes

5.Explore Culinary Arts

Personal chefs, team building activities, cooking classes, etc.

"Accommodate us," I was searching for something that was "beyond" a cooking lesson. There are many professionals who offer cooking classes.

  • "Zaida's Kitchen" has cooking classes that run from 9 am - 12 pm. It seems like they might be a fun way to spend some time.

6.Zaida’s Kitchen

CaterersCooking Classes

Openuntil 1:00 PM

“I think cooking classes would be fun.”

  • 7. Simpleicious 20 Caterers Cookers Classes Desserts Open until 6:00 PM “I have taken several culinary courses from Chef Dayna, who is an amazing cook and instructor. She has taught me


CaterersCooking ClassesDesserts

Openuntil 6:00 PM

“Chef Dayna has taught me so much about cooking, and I couldn't be happier with the results.”

  • DeliveryTakeout



  • “8. Cooking Classes for KidsMore

8.Cucina Bambini

Cooking ClassesTeam Building Activities

“They were very accommodating – they even cleaned up after the event! Most cookery courses require you to clean up afterwards, but they did not.”

  • 9. Sur LaTable Cooking Class 41Cooking Classes"came up on themenu of Sur La Table's cooking class,excitationfilled me.Heckyeah!I sure wanted"more

10. Sur la Table Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

"I couldn't believe I was going to be cooking at Sur la Table!"

  • 9. Tani Cooking Class10. Tani Cooking Class 7

10.Tani Cooking Class

Closeduntil Tuesday

“I would definitely recommend going to his cooking classes. They're hands down some of the best I've ever had!”