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  • Depending on which side of the fence you're on, some companies may view certification as an obstacle they need to overcome before releasing their product into the marketplace. Other companies may see certification as a necessary step for reducing risk or liability.

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We offer GMP Analytical laboratory.

Intertek offers pharmaceutical analyses that comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations for pharmaceutical products throughout their life cycle. These include analytical methods for characterizing drug substances, excipients, finished dosage forms and biological fluids.

We provide scientific expertise to help develop your products for both small molecules and biologics, including protein therapeutics, monoclonals and vaccine candidates. We have extensive experience designing and developing drug formulations and medical device technologies.

cGMP Compliant Analytical Laboratories:

Intertek Pharmaceutical Services specializes in cGMP analytical R&D, inorganic and organic element analysis, product stabilization and extractable/leachable analysis. The lab is GLP and cGMP compliant, and was added to the World Health Organization's prequalified quality control labs program in 2014. Intertek Pharmaceutical Services Manchester specializes in cGMP analysis, process analytical technologies, and advanced characterization. Its services include cGMP NMR spectroscopy, GMP batch release tests and drug product formulation. Intertek Melbourn specializes in analytical and formulation chemistry, including analytical methods, process analytical technologies, product characterization, formulation design, and GMP manufacturing. Its staff includes chemists, biologists, engineers, statisticians, and quality assurance professionals.