Permanent Panama Residency & Visa

Panama Residency: How to Get Permanent Residency in Panama

Panama Permanent Residency Visas

Panama has several different ways for foreigners to become legal residents.

Here is a brief overview of each Panama residence visa and permanent immigration option:

1. Panama Friendly Countries Visa

If you're a citizen of any of these 50 countries and want to move to Panama to conduct economic or professional businesses, you may be eligible for this permanent residency program.

There are 28 countries in which you can get a visa for free if you're from one of these countries.

There are two options available to the applicant: invest $200,000 in a Panamanian realty project, or get a legal work agreement with an actual Panamanian company. After obtaining a 2-year temporary residency permit, the applicant can then apply for permanent residence.

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2. Panama Self-Economic-Solvency visa

There are three options available to obtain this special Panama economic solvency Visa:

  • Make an initial capital outlay of US$100,000.00 for each member of your immediate family who wishes to join you in Panama. You may include children under 18 years old if they are dependents of yours. Each additional dependent requires another US$100,000, plus any applicable taxes. Your total initial outlay should not exceed US$200,000.00 per individual.
  • You need to invest at least $300,00 USD in a three-year Panama Certificate of Deposits (CDs) for each dependent child. Each additional $2000 USD must be deposited into the CDs. The Panama CDs cannot be held by trusts, corporations, or foundations.
  • To invest in Panamanian real estate and a Panama bank CD, you need to put up at least $300, 000 USD (or foreign exchange equivalent) plus another $2,000 USD per dependent.

To learn more about the self-economic solvency visa, click here.

3. Panama Business Investor Visa

To qualify for a Panama Investment Visitor (PIV) permit, foreigners need to invest in a Panamanian company with at least US$ 160,000 in capitalization. They may apply for the permit as officers or shareholders of the company. An additional $2000 must be invested per dependant.

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4. Panama Reforesting Investor Visa

You can invest into one of three different types of investments offered by the Panama Reforestation Investor Program:

  • If you invest at least $80,000 USD into a government-certified reforestation program, you may receive a five-year temporary residence permit.
  • If you invest $100,000, you may be eligible for a 2 year temporary residence permit, and then apply for permanent residency.
  • Apply for an immigration visa from Australia if you want to immigrate to Australia permanently.

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A retired or pensioned program is an investment option for people who want to

Retirees or those with life-time annuites or pensions can qualify for a Panama Pensioner Visa, known as the Panama retiree visa. This permanent residence visa is for anyone over eighteen who receives monthly pensions or annuities of at least one thousand dollars for the rest of his/her life. A further two hundred fifty dollars per month must be received per dependent. Married couples can join together to make the required amount. An exception exists when a person buys property worth at least 100,000 dollars reducing the monthly amount needed to 750 dollars. The pension or annuity can come from a governmental body, a military, a company, a bank, an insurer, a trust, or any private institution. There are many discount schemes available to holders of credit cards, such as pharmacies, restaurants, hotels, and movie theatres.

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If you marry a Panamanian citizen, you won't

If you marry a Panamanian citizen, you can obtain permanent residency. Find out more about How to Get a Permanent Residency in Panama.

7. Qualified Investor Program

If you invest $300,000 in property, $500,000 in stock market investments, or $750,000 in deposits at a Panamanian bank, you may qualify for residency in Panama. You can learn more about the Qualified Investment Programs here.

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