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Remote work is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. In response, agencies across the country are rethinking how they operate and what they do. To ensure that these efforts succeed, agencies must identify key challenges and focus on improving existing systems and services. At ISF, we understand the importance of technology in supporting your agency’s ability to deliver essential public safety services. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed specifically to help improve operations and increase efficiency, including:• Automated Workflows: Our automated workflow solution enables you to automate repetitive tasks and streamline data entry.• Data Analytics: Our analytics platform provides predictive insights into trends and patterns within your data to make better decisions.• Mobile Apps: Our mobile app development service allows you to create custom apps for your agency.• Secure Cloud Solutions: Our cloud security solutions provide secure access to sensitive information and enable collaboration between employees, partners, and stakeholders.

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We approach our clients by working collaboratively with them, sharing

We've implemented hundreds of projects to improve client operations by implementing new best practices for business operations, evaluating industry standards, and developing consensus among stakeholders. Our team-based approach ensures that our client receives full involvement from the beginning of each project through implementation and beyond. Through this approach, we provide the following benefits:

  • Well-developed analysis of current processes
  • A standardized set of terms to be adopted across the enterprise.
  • Identifying commonalities across processes, technology, and people
  • To improve efficiency and streamline operations, new workflows and business processes need to be integrated across the company
  • Technology assessments and technology evaluations
  • Business rules for streamlined business processes, systems, and technology.
  • Transition plans for implementation
  • Change Management Support focuses on helping organizations implement changes effectively by providing training, coaching, and consulting services.

Leveraging more than forty (40) year’s worth of experiences in public service and industry leading best practice methodologies, ISF offers a comprehensive set of solutions for achieving improvements in efficiency, productivity, and quality. These include:

  • Experienced with a range of methodologies for process improvements, including Six Sigma, Lean Process Improvement, Agile Management, Business Process Reengineering, Total Quality Management (TQM), Just-In-Time (JIT) and
  • A deep understanding of government agencies and how they operate
  • Experience in business process management and requirement analysis for new processes and systems.
  • A standardized business process model across multiple enterprises allows for efficient meeting of business needs, including development of tools agnostic of specific applications.
  • Ability to think ahead and plan for and support the implementation of new processes and technologies

Experience and Knowledge to Help Fulfill Your Mission

We know you're looking to improve and automate business operations, streamline work flows, and enhance remote working capabilities. ISF has extensive experience helping organizations like yours to reexamine their current practices and implement new solutions to better serve their clients. ISF is an authorized provider under the Florida State term contract for management consulting services (contract no. 973-000 - 14-01), and the federal government General Services Administration (GSA) multiple award schedule (MAS) contract.


Mark Burk, PMI Client Partner, Management and Technology consulting (850) 728 3596 mburk@isf.