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We offer SEO services for Edinburgh, Glasgow, and throughout the UK.

Hello! We are a professional Search Marketing Company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We provide a full suite of online marketing services including PPC management, social media marketing, pay per click advertising, email marketing and much more. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who can help take your business to new heights through effective online marketing strategies.SEO

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We'll help get your site ranked high in Google for keywords related to your business.

If you're a business in Edinburgh, Scotland or the United Kingdom, then we can improve your website's search engine ranking for keywords related to your industry. Our experts can assist you today!

One call could change everything for you.

You can definitely rely on the SEO Edinburgh Company you choose

  • We're from Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  • We've been doing SEO for over 7 years now.
  • We're completely transparent in how we operate.
  • We're able to retain our clients at an extremely high rate, and we save money by doing so. Does your SEO company do this too?
  • Our client’s know exactly what SEO services they are receiving from us through our thorough and unique monthly reporting system.
  • Clients feel confident when they know that their websites are being managed effectively by SEO professionals.
  • We're not just saying that; read our Google 5 star reviews!

Want to know which SEO agency in Edinburgh is the best? We've got just the thing for you!

Being a local SEO agency in Scotland means that we're often able to meet our client's face-to-face so that we can get to know them better before we begin working for them. We think that every business can use SEO – not just large companies.

If you're an already well-known company and aren't receiving enough inquiries from potential clients, SEO can help you. Our team can either take over an existing SEO campaign or create a new one for you. It will definitely be effective – if you hire the right SEO company to help you.

Is there any way we can afford your SEO services?

We offer a range of SEO services including website design, keyword research, PPC management, link building, social media marketing and much more. Our aim is to provide an effective solution to your business needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you grow your online presence.

Local SEO audits performed by local SEO experts

Got a new site but it isn’thaving any effect? Our technical SEO auditing process is not carried out by running an online free test tool which some other SEO companies do. We analyse your site using our knowledge as SEO specialists. We discuss, review, and carry out various checks on your site and then provide you with a detailed report on your site. This may take several hrs to complete due to us going deep into each aspect of your site, however you will then understand what is wrong and what needs to be improved upon. Once the SEO audit has been completed we offer an ongoing SEO service, but if you just want the audit, then thats fine. As SEO agencies we are very flexible and understand that budget varies.

An SEO agency in Edinburgh

As our SEO agency is located in Edinburgh, we can meet you in person to discuss the audit. Also, if you're looking for the best SEO services available in Scotland, then you've come to the right place.

Proven SEO results

We get lots of enquiries through word of mouth recommendations so we always try to keep our website updated with new content. We also provide regular reports showing how our SEO campaign is progressing. We do not charge extra for these reports. We aim to give our customers peace of mind knowing they can rely on us to maintain their online presence.


Ready to start working with one of the top SEO firms in Edinburgh? We're glad you asked. Simply fill out our contact form and let us know about your site and what you'd like done. We'll then give you an estimate of how much it would take to make your site better and how much it could save you money down the line. So if you've got questions, just ask them below and we'll answer them quickly.

SEO Services has been fantastic for us. They're always quick to respond and very professional. We've had some really good results from their services, so we'd definitely recommend them!

We've worked with several SEO companies before but none were quite as good as SEO Services. They're attentive, helpful, and deliver results. Highly recommend!

We've had good experiences working with Caroline and her team. They're knowledgeable about SEO and they communicate well.

I used Search Engine Optimization for my website audit and the results were excellent. Caroline and Janet were very helpful and provided an explanation of what was being done and why. They also gave me a detailed analysis of how things could be improved. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their online presence.

With their help, I've gone from being nowhere to being consistently ranked on page one for my keywords. Thank you so much!