St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program, all there is to know !

To become a citizen of St. Lucia, one must first donate at least US$100,000 to the National Economic Fund (NEF). Depending on the number of applicants, additional due diligence and application fees may be charged. A minimum of two years of residency is required before applying.

St Lucia Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

To qualify for a mortgage loan through the Real Estates Investment Trust (REIT), applicants need to put up at least $300,000, as well as an additional fee. They must hold the property for a minimum of five years before they may sell it.

St Lucia Covid-19 relief bond

As of May 2020, there is a Temporary Bond available for applications from individuals who want to invest up to $300,000 in a refundable bond. Applications must be submitted by June 30th, 2021.

Requirements and Process

To obtain citizenship of St Lucia by investment, applicants must complete a process that takes about 4 to 6 weeks to complete. Applicants may file applications online, through local immigration offices or directly through the Government. In addition to filing your application, you will also need to pay a fee of US$2,500.00 (St Lucia dollars). You should expect to spend approximately 2 hours completing the questionnaire.

Important Note: Only selected foreign representatives are authorized by the Government of Saint Lucia to market the Citizenship by Investing Program.

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St Lucia Passport investment Report

Once investors have successfully obtained citizenship of Saint Lucia, they will be issued a Saint Lucia national identity card. Citizens of Saint Lucia enjoy visa-free access to more than half of the world's countries and territories, including the entire European Union, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and more.

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment FAQ's

For further information, please refer to our FAQs.