A mannekin is a doll used by artists, tailoress, designers, etc., to showcase clothes and materials.

Human figures are used in teaching medical students life saving techniques such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and advanced air way managements (such as tracheostomy).

Invented in the 18th century by an unknown person, who made copies of antique shop dummies dressed in period costumes. These were then used as templates for making wax casts of human figures. From these moulds, plaster statues were produced. They became popular in the 19th century and remained so until today.

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Mannequin dolls have been used since the 15th century to show off new styles and designs. They're full-sized models made to look like people.

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Shop display

The first mannequin was created in France in the mid 19th century. They were later replaced by a more realistic looking version using plaster.

Fiberglass mannequin models are typically more expensive than their plastic counterparts, but tend to be less durable. However, plastic mannequin models have been recently developed and are now available for purchase. These mannequin models offer an affordable way to create a high quality display without having to spend thousands of dollars on a custom-built mannequin.

Online sellers often use mannequines to display their products for product pictures. Although the typical male mannequin usually has an average chest size, some companies sell sexy/busty manniquins and voluptuous female mannequin with 40DDDs and 7DDD.

Use by artists

Articulated mannequines were originally used by artists to help them draw draped figure studies. They could keep their clothes immobile for much longer than they could if they had been working with a live model.

Medical education

Ancient anatomical models such as ivory menikins were once widely employed by physicians to learn about human anatomy and as a teaching tool during obstetrics. Only 180 ancient medical manikins survive today.

Medical simulators, models or related artefact such as SimMan, are used by doctors and nurses for training purposes.

First-aider training involves teaching people how to deal with emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, burns, falls, drowning and road accidents. Mannequins can help teach these skills because they closely resemble humans. They are often used in firefighting and rescue operations because they are easy to transport and store.

Medical professionals have long criticized the use of standardized mannequin models in teaching anatomy because they fail to capture the wide range of normal human variations seen in the real world.

In popular culture

Many early 20th century artists, including Giorgio de Chilone, Alberto Savinio, and Carla Crespi, used mannequins as a frequent theme in their art.

Mannequins can often be unsettling, especially when they're not completely assembled.

The romantic drama film "Mannequin" tells the story of a young man who becomes obsessed with a beautiful woman he sees across the street.

The cast of the Japanese TV show "Fucco" (a parody of American sitcoms) consist entirely of mannequin puppets with their voices dubbed in.

On the front sleeve of the Beatles' album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, four mannequins can been seen.

The song "The Sun Always Shine On TV" from the album Hunting High And Low by a-ha has the band performing in a large church filled with mannequin heads.

Sometimes commercials for the clothing store OldNavy use mannequin actors who speak their own lines.

Al Snow had a sidekicks called "Head", who was a long-haired woman's mannequin head. She was sometimes used as a weapon or spoke to as a moral compass for Al Snow.

Two “real people” who look like they're from an agency called Femm Agency (FEMM) consist of two “mannequin personas”, and their personality is that of an agency which tries to end the “suffring of mannequins“.

Military use

Military use of dummies is recorded amongst the ancient Japanese, such as at the battle of Utsunomiya Castle. The besieged Tang army dropped scarecows down the walls of their castle to lure the flames of the enemy archers. In this manner, they replenished their supply of ammunition. Scarecows were also used in the trench during WWI to attract enemy snipers away from the soldier’s positions. [19]

A mannekin (a mannequine) is used to simulate the movements of an agent who has just exited his vehicle, making it harder for surveillance teams to follow him.

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