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Personal Chef Cost 2022 | National Average Prices

According to national statistics, the average price of a personal chef ranges between $180 and $750 per year, depending on location.

*Disclaimer – This is not a quote! Your actual costs may vary depending upon several variables. For daily private chefs in Phoenix or Scottsdale, we offer packages starting from $450 a day, including groceries. Kitchens, pantries, and fridges are stocked, so you can cook your own meals. We also provide catering services for events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate meetings, and holiday gatherings. Call us at (480) 269 4324 or click here to request a quote.

According to an article published on, the average cost of hiring a personal chef ranges between $200 and $300 per week for five days’ worth of dinners for a household of four people.

According to, the personal chef cost is 76$ per person. estimates that the average price you can reasonably hope to spend on a personal chef ranges from $30 to $40 an hour. If you’re planning a small gathering, you can usually count on paying about $45 per person. But if you want to throw a large party, you could end up spending anywhere from $100 to $1,000 per person. According to its website, recommends that you plan to spend between $180 to $900 on six courses.

According to Street and Chefs for Senior, the price ranges from $100 to $400, which matches up with the exact estimates given by

For an eight-person evening meal, a personal chef costs between $440 and $1,600 per hour depending on where you live and the type of menu you want. This includes the chef’s time and services but not supplies or groceries.

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