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Book one of our private chefs in Toronto and customize your menu. Thousands of clients in Toronto already booked their chef!

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How does it work exactly?


We cook in your kitchen

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We serve each dish individually

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We clean up before we leave.

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500 Private Chefs in Toronto

If you’re looking for the best private chefs in Toronto, these are the best Private Chefs.

Private Chef in Toronto

Since the first Private Chefs joined us and created profiles in Toronto, more than 1,000 Private Chefs have affiliated with our platform in Toronto and now offer their services as Private Chefs anywhere in Ontario.

Since the beginning, thousands of guests have already enjoyed a personal chef in Toronto through our platform. Until now, our chefs have sent 17545 customized menu proposals to the guests, who rated their experience an average rating of 4.75 out 5.

On average, our guests in Toronto typically order menus of $187 CAD per person, which includes three meals, sharing an average of three messages with their Private Chef before ordering. Submit your request and find your Private Chef in Toronto!

How many services of Private Chef are booked in Toronto each month?

Depending on the destination, Private Chef reservations can fluctuate seasonally to a greater or lesser extent throughout the year. In the case of Toronto, you can check the monthly fluctuations of Private Chef reservations in the following table.

Truthfully, any month of the year is good to enjoy a Private Chef in the comfort of your home, but due to the fluctuations in the demand for Private Chefs in Toronto, prices may vary especially for last minute reservations. Step ahead and book a Private Chef to avoid any surprises!

What is the price of a private chef in Toronto?

Depending on the number of guests, the cost of hiring a private chef varies. On average, for two people, the cost of a private chef in Toronto is $156 CAD. Between $3 and $6 per person, the average price is $133 CAD. Between $7 and $12 per person, the average cost is $90. For 13 or more guests, the average cost is $114 USD.

On the one hand, every destination is completely different, and seasonal variations usually cause prices to vary considerably. On the following chart, you can see the differences in average prices charged by our private chefs in Toronto for each particular month of the calendar year.

Thousands of menus personalized for you by our Private Chefs at our restaurants in Toronto

Every occasion deserves a customized menu, personalize yours.

Have fun trying something new! If you’re looking for private chef service, try one

The best and most unique experiences are those that start off surprising you and don’t let you up until the end. These are the experiences we want to remember forever. This is the philosophy of miummium. We offer a completely personalized service, showing you how to cook and giving you culinary advice. Any American, Asian, or Mediterranean dishes can be showstoppers on your dining table with the expertise of one of our Private Chefs.

Have a private chef prepare meals for you at home.

We’d be happy to provide you with details of your event and we’d be delighted to help you create a menu proposal for your event.

The key information about Private Chef in Ontario is that it offers private chef services in Toronto

Find out more about our private chefs in Toronto and their services here.

We’re proud to offer private chefs for all occasions.

Each private chef in Toronto is different from one another. They all have professional cooking training and they’ve worked in all kinds of restaurants for years. They each have their own way of becoming a private chef. Let us know the details of your upcoming event and we’ll help you find the best private chefs in Toronto.

A private chef in Toronto cooking a dish

What is the most reserved type of cuisine in Toronto?

We mainly serve six types of cuisines in Toronto: the Mediterranean, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Mexican. The type of cuisine that has the most bookings in Toronto is surprise cuisine, and the least booked type is Latin American cuisine.

Beyond these six types of cuisine and our private chefs’ personalization of thousands of menus for their clientele every day, we customize every detail to find the right menu for every occasion and everyone in the group. Of course, our private chefs will adapt their dishes to your allergies or dietary restrictions, and they can also suggest other cuisines or fusion options. Request your reservation and discover the menus of the Private Chefs in Toronto.

Is the private chef cooking for me?

A private chef always prepares the menu at clients’ homes, as it is an integral part of the experience. However, depending on how complex the menu is, the chef may prepare the mise en place before leaving for the client’s home. Some dishes take several hours to cook and it would be impossible for him to execute them at the client’s home, so he may prepare everything ahead of time.

Can I cook along?

Yes, Usually, there are usually several people among the diners who enjoy sharing some time with the chef and learn some tricks in the restaurant kitchen and the step-to-step of each dish on the menu. If you’re really keen to learn how to cook, you can always join the chef and help him prepare the meal.

Enjoy the luxury of having a private chef

Have a private chef cook for you at your house! Let Take A Chef help you transform your kitchen and dining rooms from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s a unique restaurant experience; ideal for special occasions, lunch with friends, dinners with family, or a wonderful gift for someone special. Tell us what kind of cuisine you want and let us know a bit about your kitchen. We’ll send you personalized menus from our chefs. Choose one of your proposals! Your chosen chef will go to their preferred local market on the day of your meal to buy the freshest ingredients. You can hire them to cook in your kitchen and serve your guests at your dinner party. They’ll clean up after themselves, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

Dish prepared by a Private Chef in Toronto

Toronto’s best Personal Chefs come to your home to cook.

Our private chefs have trained in some of the best hospitality schools in the US and many have worked in top-rated Michelin star restaurants. We can find the right dress for your special occasion. You just need to tell us which type of cuisine you want to eat, and we’ll find a chef who specializes in that kind of food. You’ll be able to talk to the chef directly so that everything is just as you’d like it.

Enjoy a magnificent menu prepared by our Private Chefs in Toronto

Frequently asked questions for beginners

Here you can find the most commonly asked questions about Private Chefs.

How can I hire a Private Chef in Toronto?

To hire a private chef, simply select a date, and a number of people, tell us your food preferences and interactions and share with us a couple of details about your kitchen. You will receive four tailor-­made menus within a matter of a few short hours, and you will be able to review the Chef’s profile, reviews, and photos of his/her dishes. You’ll also be able to speak with each chef directly through the messaging area on their platform and ask for menu changes, price changes, and general questions. After choosing your favorite chef and menu from the restaurant’s website, you can finalize a reservation there. Once the reservation is booked, you will receive the restaurant’s direct contact information so you can finalize the details.

How can I find an experienced chef in Toronto?

There are currently hundreds private chefs in Toronto. You can find the best chef by filling out the form and choosing the dates you want. The four best local chefs will then send you their menu proposals. You will be able to check in detail their professional profiles and choose the chef/ proposal you like the most.

What is the maximum capacity for a private chef service per day?

A Private Chef service may not have a maximum limit on the number of people it can serve, but it is usually carried out at a smaller scale in homes where there is less space. There is no maximum number of participants for any group, but most groups tend to be limited to 15 people.

Do the ingredients for a private chef service need to be fresh?

Every private chef takes great care to ensure that the ingredients they use for their menus are fresh. The main difference between restaurants and private chefs is in the personalized treatment they give to each diner. The chef customizes the menu, and then based on that menu, he/she develops the menu chosen by the guests. Therefore, the fresh quality of the ingredients is one important element of a private chef service.

Do drinks come with a private chef service?

Drinks are not free. You can reach an agreement with your chef to include drinks as an “extra” to your menu proposal.

How much should I tip a Private Chef in Toronto?

Each guest can freely decide the tip he/she wishes to give to the chef, as it is up to their discretion. On average, based on the tips given by our past guests, the amount is 15% of the total paid to their Private Chef.